At ADNC, we incorporate stringent quality management protocols certified through ISO 9001:2008 regulations. All corporate practices are carefully evaluated and measured for quality control management. In every direction, the single most sustainable thing we do is engineer carpets with longer lifecycles. Well beyond that, we have examined and reworked every step in our procurement, manufacturing, distribution and recycling systems.

In addition, we comply with DNV ISO 9001 regulations in production. Our pre-dyed wool carpets have also been awarded the Green Label Plus certificate from the US-based Carpet and Rug Institute for enabling high ambient air quality.

Meeting standards like these ensures that our products are defect-free, long lasting and adhere


to the highest international standards.

All processes are audited on an annual basis to certify our continuous commitment to products that conform to the most
superior quality.

We are associated with the Emirates Green Building Council that works towards advancing green building principles for protecting the environment and ensuring sustainability in the UAE. As a proud corporate member, we benefit immensely from shared knowledge and information, follow green policies and regulations, and are subjected to rating systems. At ADNC, our goal is to provide you with the best performing, easiest-to-maintain carpet in the industry - while continuing our responsible environmental stewardship.