Axminster Carpets

At ADNC, we are the only company in UAE to join the elite global club of Axminster producers. We create the finest woven carpets for leading hotels, restaurants, resorts, clubs and spas throughout the region.

Among all the carpet constructions available, the woven Axminster carpet stands alone at the top, providing the ultimate in luxury, performance and value. It is the reason why these carpets are widely preferred not just in the hospitality industry but also in high-end residential projects. We weave our Axminster carpets using a 3-ply yarn blend of premium Green Label Plus certified 80% British Wool & 20% nylon providing the known advantages of wool fiber and the

superior abrasive resistance
of nylon.

The Green Label Plus certification ensures that the volatile organic compound content in our pre-dyed wool carpets is within the best industry standards. To customers, it means highly superior indoor air quality in the room when using our carpets.

And, with a higher count of yarn, our Axminster products build in a higher pile weight and density to get the highest returns on investment. We use 100% polypropylene as weft material, ensuring that our Axminster products stay unaffected by moisture, preventing carpets from shrinkage or mildew.