Embracing the soothing earthy shades of nature, this colourway is evocative of the natural world around us. Muted tones work in harmony, giving a sense of comfort and contentment.

Pile Composition 100 % PP / 100% PET
Yarn Count 1700-3600 Dtex
Pile Weight 500-1860 GSM
Pile Height 8-13.5 MM
Backing Action / Felt Backing
Roll Width 3.66 / 4.00 M
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We produce exquisite tufted fitted carpet that can be completely tailored to your design and colour scheme.

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CTD09-10, CTD09-11, CTD09-12, CTD09-13, CTD09-14, CTD09-15, CTD09-16, CTD09-17, CTD09-18, CTD09-19