Our Identity


Our Identity

ADNIP – A diversified investment portfolio management company with objectives include value addition through strategic goal setting, business development and shared quality management practices across all subsidiaries. Abu Dhabi National Industrial Projects (ADNIP), specializes in identifying, developing and operating high-value commercial ventures and are rooted in a history of growth guided by knowledge and expertise from stakeholders. ADNIP is one of the first group in the UAE to set up some of the most successful companies in the region – in areas as diverse as medical devices, business consulting, carpets and tissue paper manufacturing.

At ADNC, we believe that being a pioneer means more than just bringing emerging technology and embarking on a new path. It means continuously charging ahead in uncharted territory with a strong set of convictions and principles to develop products that suit changing market requirements. We are committed to creating products of the highest quality through sustainable practices to help minimize the impact on the environment.

I Inspired by change all around us, our group’s core value remains the same: Thought leaders in pioneering greenfield industrial projects since 1997. As an ADNIP subsidiary, we share the same passion for new ideas that add value to businesses around us. We benchmark ourselves against global conglomerates by focusing on technology, product and service quality, world-class management systems and superior delivery. We enjoy cordial relationships with regional government bodies and global networks of affiliated specialists.

ADNC the first and largest carpet factory in the United Arab Emirates specializes in customized end-to-end carpeting solutions that deliver aesthetics and functionality with premium quality. Founded in the capital of UAE in 2001, ADNC products are recognized both nationally and internationally that match global standards in terms of quality and reliability. We drive the sectors by defining several benchmarks and also continuously push the limits of creativity and innovation. From design conception to production, all our facilities are based centrally in Abu Dhabi, ensuring shorter lead times and an unmatched spectrum of products, services and solutions.

We are the producer of Axminster carpets in the country and have the capabilities to produce high-quality custom woven designs and colour combinations using a blend of high-end green label plus certified 80/20 British wool yarn. We also specialize in Yamaguchi carpets, tufted from polyesters and polypropylene as well as chromojet printed carpets in a range of designs limited only by the imagination.



Sustainable growth & Continuous improvement: Concepts that benefit our customers, employees and stakeholders

We aim for sustainable capital efficient growth and continuous improvement for the benefit of our customers, employees and stakeholders. The fiscal success we have achieved in a trying economic environment is testimony to the correctness of our approach. We will continue to pave the way for state-of-the-art innovations in carpet manufacturing by fusing creativity with technology and contribute to both the environmental beauty and economic growth of the UAE.

Our team’s creative capabilities are greatly enhanced by the most advanced computerized drafting and design tools that generate life-like renderings and allow clients to visualize their environment accurately. From wool-rich plain and contemporary patterned carpets to cultural masterpieces inspired by the rich Arabian heritage, We guarantee the highest standards – made possible by the combination of elegant design, timeless style and quality materials. The result: Carpets that look fresh and last longer with satisfied customers leading to brand loyalty.


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